DS1 Swivelling Cylinder Hydraulic Motor

Product features
DS series of hydraulic motor is the company set for many years of practical experience in production, based on the original technology on the design improvements. So that the DS series motor shell strength increased, the internal dynamic component carrying capacity increased. This feature allows the series of motors to have a very high continuous power range. Due to the high mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency, while  reducing the internal unit load capacity, thus reducing the heat generation and the associated negative effects. Its main features are as follows:
1,  because the piston and the swing cylinder does not exist lateral force, the bottom of the piston designed to static pressure between the piston and crankshaft through the rolling bearing transmission torque, which are reduced during the transmission force of the friction loss. Therefore, DS series hydraulic motor has a high mechanical efficiency, high starting torque (start when the mechanical efficiency of 92% or more) characteristics.
2, flat distribution device is simple and reliable, good sealing, little leakage. Piston and swing cylinder with plastic piston seal without leakage, which has a high volume efficiency (up to 98%).
3, due to the structure to reduce the friction loss, improve the sealing performance, and thus low-speed stability, and can run smoothly at 10 r/min conditions, speed range (speed adjustment ratio of up to 1000).
4, because the piston and bearing sets through the card ring affixed there is no gap, so the series of hydraulic motor can be pumped under the conditions of operation, when the inlet port after the motor can be freestyle in the high-speed moving speed.
5, the series of hydraulic motor pressure, the maximum pressure up to 31.5 MPa. Reset light, small size, high power.
6, because the structure is simple, reasonable design, the use of large capacity bearings, and thus reliable, long life, low noise, the drive shaft to allow radial force, the direction of rotation reversible.

As the DS series of hydraulic motor with a series of characteristics, it is widely used in plastic machinery, light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, lifting transport equipment, heavy machinery, oil and coal machinery,ship deck machinery, machine  tools, Equipment and other mechanical hydraulic drive system. Particularly suitable for lifting winch, reel machinery, a variety of rotary machinery drive, track and wheel drive mechanism, such as drive machinery.